Fine Art TV Covers
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I LOVE IT…Patti F. In my eyes, this big black screen was a big eye sore and became the focal point of my living room, something I just didn't want.   I wanted to find something that could hide this big black screen staring at me, and I was so happy to find something that was affordable, very attractive, and so easy to put on the TV and take off!  Also, there is such a nice big selection of art prints to choose from.  I am very happy with my TV cover from! Christine S.
Features Lightweight Easy On, Easy Off Notools required Put in place & enjoy
Fits all TVs, 32” & up Custom made to your TV Large Selection Affordable, a fraction of the cost of TV mirrors and TV lift systems Great SolutionMonthly Specials November 2009 Free Shipping For this month we offer free shipping on all TV covers regardless of size.  A savings from $19.95 to $89.95 Our Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee 30 day money back no hassle guarantee.  After the 30 days if there is anything wrong with the TV cover we will fix or replace the cover.                 Fine Art TV Covers Fine Art TV Covers, The new solution to your home and interior decorating ideas. The affordable alternative to TV mirrors and TV lift systems to hide your television.Great Home Décor Idea
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16-Point Star: New Art for 2012